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Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Ferry

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Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen by ferry

How To Get From Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen By Ferry

Getting from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen by ferry is a great option, quick and convenient. SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) provides speedy ferry services for transfer passengers. It’s not applicable to passengers originating from Hong Kong, however. SkyPier serves the ports in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Macau, connecting the region to 220 destinations worldwide.

  • Time: 1 h 40 min – 3 h
  • Convenience: Moderate to High
  • Comfort: Moderate
  • Cost: HK$ 220 – HK$395 for Ferry transfer + Shenzhen Taxi

Travel Steps & Timeline By Ferry

Once arrived at Hong Kong Airport, proceed to E2 Transfer area and go to ferry ticket counters
→ Board ferry and wait for departure (15-25 min.)
→ Travel to Shenzhen Shekou or Fuyong Ferry Ports (30 min.)
→ At Shekou Port: Pass through China Immigration (15-30 min.)
→ At Fuyong Port: Proceed to Shenzhen Airport (10-15 min.)
→ Walk to Taxi area & wait in a queue (10-20 min.)
→ Take Taxi to Shenzhen final destination (20-60 min.)

SummaryTraveling by ferry between Hong Kong Airport and Shenzhen offers one of the shortest and quickest ways, taking only 30-50 minutes. The biggest advantage of taking this route is that you won’t have to carry your luggage at every step of the journey. Rather, just collect it upon arrival at the Shenzhen Port. The ferry schedule is relatively flexible with more frequent routes to Shenzhen Shekou Ferry Port. Upon arrival at Shenzhen, you can take an authorised taxi to your final destination or hotel. There may be some ‘black taxi’ drivers outside the exit, avoid these and head to the designated city-taxi waiting area of the terminal. If you’re not sure where to go, don’t be afraid to ask, there are information counters and uniformed personnel at the terminal. Note: taxi drivers do not communicate in English, so have your address written in Chinese beforehand to show the driver and avoid any confusion.

RecommendationTaking the ferry is a great option to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen. However, it’s only available to passengers who arrive at the Hong Kong Airport and are directly transferring to Mainland China (on the same day). It’s also convenient for passengers who would like to catch the next flight out from Shenzhen Airport. Don’t cut that connection to close, though. However, The ferry is not available for late night flights. If you would like to have a more flexible transportation option, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, consider booking  a private car transfer  from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.

Step-by-Step Route

Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen by ferry

Ferry Service Requirements:

  • Valid Travel Documents:
    – Same day arrival flight air ticket / e-ticket / boarding pass stub
    – A valid ferry ticket
    – A valid passport and a visa to Mainland China (if needed)
  • Transfer to Shenzhen within the same day of arrival
    – If you leave the airport, this SkyPier option will no longer be available
  • Arrive at the ‘Ferries to China Mainland’ Ticketing Counter at least 60 minutes (or 30 minutes if you don’t have checked baggage) before the scheduled ferry departure time for ticketing and transfer procedures.

Step 1. Get Ferry Ticket

Upon entering the Hong Kong International Airport E2 transfer area, proceed to the ferry ticket counters. All same day arrival passengers with valid travel documents or visa can use the ferry service. Passengers using SkyPier’s intermodal service can enjoy baggage transfer without going through Immigration and Customs clearance in Hong Kong. In fact, you should not go through the Hong Kong immigration at all to reclaim your baggage, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the ferry service.  You can check the status of your baggage at the E2 transfer area. When in doubt, ask the employees at the ticket counter to help with ensuring your luggage is transferred to the ferry. 

Step 2. Proceed to ferry boarding

With your ticket in hand and your luggage safely verified to be in the ferry with you, proceed to SkyPier for ferry boarding.

Step 3. Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen

Travel by ferry from HKIA to Shenzhen and arrive at one of the Shenzhen ports.

Destination Ports

  • Shenzhen Shekou is the more popular and convenient border crossing for passengers heading to Nanshan District, Bao’an, or Shekou. The process of crossing the border by ferry is pretty straightforward and easy. However, it becomes busy and crowded around 8 am and 5 pm during weekdays, and generally all day on weekends and holidays.
  • Shenzhen Fuyong is located right next to the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX). If you need to catch your next flight from Shenzhen, it’s convenient to go from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen Airport via the Fuyong Ferry Terminal. Passengers may transit to connecting flights at the airport without clearing Mainland China customs and immigration.

⇒ SkyPier, Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen Shekou Port

Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen Ferry Shenzhen Ferry to Hong Kong Airport
SkyPier To Shekou Shekou To SkyPier
08:15 07:15
09:50 08:30
11:00 10:00
12:30 11:15
13:30 12:15
14:30 13:30
15:30 14:30
16:30 15:30
17:30 16:30
18:30 17:30
19:30 18:30
20:30 19:30
21:20 20:15
21:45 21:00

Duration: 30 minutes
Ticket Price:

Ticket Type Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen Shekou Port Shenzhen Shekou Port To Hong Kong Airport
Category Adult Child Adult Child
First Class HKD240 HKD150 HKD380 HKD240
Economy Class HKD220 HKD130 HKD340 HKD200


⇒ SkyPier, Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen Airport / Fuyong Port

Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen Airport Shenzhen Airport To Hong Kong Airport
SkyPier To Fuyong Ferry Port Fuyong Ferry Port To SkyPier
10:15 08:35
14:30 11:30
16:50 15:30
20:00 18:30

Duration: 50 minutes
Ticket Price:

Ticket Type Hong Kong Airport To Shenzhen Shekou Port Shenzhen Shekou Port To Hong Kong Airport
Category Adult Child Adult Child
VIP HKD395 HKD220 HKD480 HKD270
First Class HKD345 HKD190 HKD420 HKD235
Economy Class HKD295 HKD160 HKD360 HKD200


  1. Child fare is applicable for children between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. Children under 1 year of age are not required to have a ferry ticket.
  2. SkyPier is exclusive for passengers leaving or arriving at the HK airport.
  3. Your checked-in luggage will be sent from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen ports or vice versa, offering a hassle-free journey to passengers. You will collect your luggage upon arrival at the Shenzhen Port. Passengers can also get their boarding passes and their Departure Tax Refund Coupon of HKD120 at the ferry ports in Shenzhen instead of at the HKIA. However, the above services are not available for all flights, and you need to confirm with your airline.

Step 4. Shenzhen Port to Hotel

Once you’ve arrived at one of the Shenzhen ports, proceed to the taxi area following the signs or asking one of the terminal personnel for directions. Queue up and take an authorised taxi to your hotel or other destination in Shenzhen. Note that taxi drivers don’t usually communicate in English, so have your address written in Chinese ready to show it to the driver. For a quicker route to your hotel, read the alternative way to travel from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen in the section below.

A private transfer is the safest, quickest way to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. China Car Service is a trusted transportation service helping Hong Kong business travelers for almost two decades. We provide door-to-door service at competitive prices.

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Alternative Option: Hong Kong Airport Private Car & Limo

  • Time: 1-1.5 hours
  • Convenience: High
  • Comfort: High
  • Cost: Get a quote

Travel Steps By Private Car

HK Airport Arrival Hall Driver Greeting (1 min.) → Get escorted to the vehicle and board (5 min.)
→ Travel by Private Car to the border (15-20 min.)
→ Pass through HK within the car (5 min.)
→ Pass Shenzhen Huanggang Border Immigration by foot (required by PRC law) (1o-15 min.)
→ Travel to Shenzhen Final Destination (20-30 min.).

The volume of people crossing the border at the same time as you is always an uncertainty. Although it may be few people, at peak hours you may find yourself queuing with over a hundred other travelers. Only a private driver service ensures the quickest cross-border transfer. Private car services help save a lot of time and effort when you’re crossing the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, because you won’t even have to exit the vehicle while passing through the Hong Kong – Shenzhen border.

Unlike the ferry service, the private driver will pick you up from the Hong Kong Airport and transfer you to any destination or hotel in Shenzhen door-to-door. Meaning, you are met by the driver as you arrive at the HK Airport Arrival Hall, travel through the border, pass through the HK immigration,, then pass through the Shenzhen immigration (the Chinese government does require travelers to pass through the Shenzhen immigration by foot – however, it’s a short walk and the car will be waiting outside), and finally proceed to your hotel or final destination. Minimum waiting times, maximum efficiency.

Hong Kong Airport Transfer to Shenzhen by a private car

Another advantage of taking a Hong Kong private transfer is its flexibility. We provide a full car service with driver in Hong Kong and China Mainland with a 24/7 Customer Support team. Whether you arrive late at night or in the early morning hours, we will arrange a timely and smooth pickup from the Hong Kong Airport and our support desks will be always there to assist you at any time.

The private car offers by far the highest level of convenience and comfort. No waiting, no queuing, and no changing modes of transit. It assures that you complete the journey quickly without expended effort. The private car service is highly recommended for time-sensitive business travelers, travelers with a lot of luggage, families traveling with children, and seniors.

Travel & Visa Documents

Note: Getting from Hong Kong to Shenzhen requires crossing an international border into mainland China. There are immigration checkpoints and customs clearance at both the Hong Kong side of the border and the Shenzhen side of the border, both through which all travelers must pass.

In addition to having your passport ready and bearing in mind your country’s visa requirements to enter China mainland,  note that these two border crossings can often add significant additional time to the journey. You may also be eligible to get a visa on arrival at the Shenzhen border crossing

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