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From Hong Kong to Macau: 5 Best Options

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Traveling between Hong Kong and Macau became more convenient than ever after the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) in October 2018. Ferries and helicopters are no longer the only options for commute between Hong Kong and Macau. Today, travelers have a variety of options, from the aforementioned ferries and helicopter rides to shuttle buses, cross-border coaches, and private cars. In this blog, we provide a step-by-step guide on getting from Hong Kong to Macau, taking into account 4 factors: time, convenience, comfort, and cost.

From Hong Kong To Your Hotel In Macau

Shuttle Bus Private
Car Service
Coach Bus
Ferry Helicopter
Time 2.5+ hrs 1h – 1h 30m
(Most Flexible)
1h 50m – 2h 30m 2h 15 m -2h 30 m 1h – 1h 45 m
Convenience Lowest Highest Moderate To High Moderate Moderate To High
Comfort Lowest Highest Moderate Low To Moderate High
Cost Lowest (Get Quote) Low Moderate To High Highest

Note: Getting from Hong Kong to Macau requires crossing an international border. There are immigration checkpoints and customs clearance checks on both ends of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB), the Hong Kong side of the border as well as the Macau side. All travelers must pass through both checkpoints. In addition to having your passport and visa ready (as per required for your country), keep in mind that these two border crossings can often add significant waiting time to the journey.

Table of Content:

  1. Hong Kong to Macau By Shuttle Bus
  2. Hong Kong to Macau By Private Car
  3. Hong Kong to Macau By Cross-Boundary Coach
  4. Hong Kong to Macau By Ferry
  5. Hong Kong to Macau By Helicopter



1. Hong Kong to Macau By Shuttle Bus

VJ3684 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Shuttle Bus 22-02-2019

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Shuttle Bus

  • Time: 2.5+ hours
  • Convenience: Very Low
  • Comfort: Low
  • Cost: Low (see below)
  • Travel Steps & Timeline: 

Hong Kong to Macau By Shuttle Bus

Travel to HZM Bridge Hong Kong Port (from HK Downtown: 40 min. / from HK Airport 7-10 min.) →
→ Pass through HK Immigration & clear Customs (10-15 min.)
→ Walk to purchase a bridge shuttle bus ticket on the same floor & get on the bus (15-20 min.)
→ Travel to Macau Port (30 min.)
→ Get off the bus with luggage & pass through Macau Immigration at Macau Port (10-20 min.)
→ Walk to Taxi area & wait in a queue (5-10 min.)
→ Take Taxi to Macau final destination (15-20 min.)

Summary: The most cost-effective way to get from Hong Kong to Macau is by taking the shuttle bus. Unfortunately, this is also the most time-costly way to get there. The journey requires changes in routes and modes of transport, getting on and off with your luggage. This is because the shuttle bus only covers the trip over the HZMB Hong Kong Port to the Macau Port. Therefore, you’ll need to find your own way to and from these ports. While Hong Kong itself is extensively served by bus routes to the HZMB Hong Kong Port, getting from the Macau Port directly to your destination is only viable through 2 public bus routes or a local taxi. The greatest benefit of taking the shuttle bus is that they operate 24 hours a day. However, public transportation in both Hong Kong and Macau operates only before midnight.

RecommendationShuttle buses offer a perfect option for adventurous travelers on a tight budget, with plenty of time to spare. For business visitors, travelers with lots of luggage, or anyone on a tight schedule, the journey by shuttle bus may prove to be too time-consuming and exhaustive.


Hong Kong to Macau By Shuttle Bus In Detail:

Step 1: Get to HZMB Hong Kong Port

From your hotel, or any point in Hong Kong, take a taxi or find a public bus to get to the HZMB Hong Kong Port. Some public buses are connected to the Hong Kong MTR/metro system, so you can even use a combination of the MTR and public buses to get there.

From HK Downtown → to HZMB Hong Kong Port By MRT + Bus

Citybus Route Service Area
B5 HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ Disneyland Resort* ↔ Sunny Bay Station Disneyland Resort, Sunny Bay Station

Take MTR → Exit at Sunny Bay Station → Get on B5 Public Bus Route → HZMB Hong Kong Port.

From HK Downtown/HK Airport → to HZMB Hong Kong Port By MRT + Bus

Direct public bus routes:

Cityflyer Route Service Area
A11 HK Airport ↔ HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ North Point Ferry Piers Kowloon Station, Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Fortress Hill, North Point
A21 HK Airport ↔ HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ Hung Hom Station Sham Mong Road, Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom Station
A22 HK Airport ↔ HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ Lam Tin Station Jordan, Hung Hom, To Kwa Wan, Ma Tau Wai, Kowloon City, San Po Kong, Rhythm Garden / Choi Hung, Ngau Chi Wan / Ping Shek, Kai Yip, Kowloon Bay, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong Town Centre, Lam Tin Station
A29 HK Airport ↔ HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam) Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Diamond Hill, Ngau Chi Wan / Choi Hung, Kowloon Bay, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong Town Centre, Hang Hau, King Lam, Po Lam / Metro City
NA11 HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ HK Airport ↔ North Point Ferry Piers Kowloon Station, Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Fortress Hill, North Point
NA20 HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ HK Airport ↔ Whampoa Garden Mei Fo, Cheung Sha Wan, Sham Shui Po, Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom, Whampoa Garden
NA29 HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge HK Port ↔ HK Airport ↔ Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam) Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Diamond Hill, Ngau Chi Wan / Choi Hung, Kowloon Bay, Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong Town Centre, Hang Hau, King Lam, Po Lam / Metro City

► Step 2: Clear Customs & Immigration at HZMB Hong Kong Port.

Once you’ve reached the Hong Kong Port and entered the Passenger Clearance Building, simply follow the signs for Immigration into Macau. Prepare your passport with a valid visa to Macau (if applicable). Next, go through the security check and Customs & Immigration. From there, you’ll proceed to the shuttle bus and cross-coaches area to wait for the next departure (this may take a few minutes).

► Step 3: Travel to Macau Port

Shuttle Bus Ticket Point:

Once you clear customs and pass through Hong Kong Immigration, you can purchase the shuttle bus ticket on the same floor from the ticket counters or the ticket vending machines.

Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge Shuttle Buses

The shuttle buses transit the length of the bridge only between the  Hong Kong and Macau Ports, so you must find your own way to and from each port.

► HZMB Shuttle Bus Service Hours: 24 hours/day.

► Duration: 45 minutes

► Frequencyevery 5 minutes (peak times) or every 30 minutes (regular)

HZMB Shuttle Bus Ticket Fare
Day Rate
(6:00am – 23:59pm)
Night Rate
(00:00 – 5:59am)
Adult HKD $65 (USD 8.3) HKD $70  (USD 9)
Discounted Price HKD $33 (USD 4.2) HKD $35 (USD 4.5)


  1. Discounted prices are applicable for children below 12 years old, seniors (age 65+), and individuals with a disability.
  2. Children below 3 years old, not occupying the seat, can enjoy a free ride.
  3. Each passenger is allowed to bring hand luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kgs and size: 76 x 51 x 32cm.

► Step 4: Clear Customs & Immigration at Macau Port

The HZMB shuttle bus stops at the Macau port, where all passengers must get off the bus with their luggage and proceed to the third floor (3F) of the Macau Port Building. Make sure to prepare your passport with visa to clear customs and enter Macau.

► Step 5: Get to Hotel or Final Destination in Macau

  • By Taxi

From the Macau Port, the easiest way to arrive at your destination is with a taxi or private car service in Macau.

  • By Public Bus

For public transportation, there are only two bus routes to the city: No.101X to Macau city center and No.102X to the Taipa Village area.

  • By Shuttle Bus

Alternatively, you can hop on a shuttle bus to one of the two ferry terminals: Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (close to Macau city center) and Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal. From either of these ferry terminals, you may find a free shuttle bus to your hotel in Macau. Ferry shuttle buses run from 9:00 am to 00:00, with 5-7 shifts/hours.

A private transfer is the safest, quickest way to travel from Hong Kong to Macau. China Car Service is a trusted transportation service helping Hong Kong business travelers for almost two decades. We provide door-to-door service at competitive prices.

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2. Hong Kong To Macau By Private Car & Limo

Hong Kong to Macau by Mercedes

  • Time: 1h – 1.5 h
  • Convenience: Highest
  • Comfort: High
  • Cost: Get a quote
  • Travel Steps & Timeline:

Hong Kong To Macau By Private Car

Private driver picks you up in Hong Kong, helps with your luggage (5 min.)
→ Travel to HZM Bridge by private car (20-45 min.)
→ Exit the vehicle & pass through HK and Macau Border Immigration by foot (10-15 min.)
→ On Macau side of the border, another driver greets you, takes care of your luggage & escorts you to a different private car with Macau license plate (5 min.)
→ Travel to Macau hotel (7-15 min.).


This is, by far, the most expeditious and comfortable way to travel between Hong Kong and Macau 24 hours a day. Many companies offer English speaking drivers and VIP meet & greet services from the Hong Kong Airport.

When hiring a private car service, a professional driver greets you in the lobby of your hotel, or pre-arranged pickup location, and escorts you to the vehicle. Your suitcase(s) are stored safely in the luggage compartment as you make yourself comfortable. The journey to Macau is door-to-door, meaning the car picks you up from any point in Hong Kong and delivers you directly to the door of your Macau hotel. Hong Kong border doesn’t require you to exit the car. Macau border, on the other hand, requires all non Hong Kong and Macau residents to exit the car to pass the immigration border. At the halfway point, once you’ve reached the HK-Macau border, your private chauffeur will point you in the direction of the Macau immigration counters. This process might take around 15 minutes. Once you’ve passed the immigration into Macau, the same driver will be waiting for you to re-board a private car at a “get on” area of Macau border exit. Luckily, our experienced chauffeurs will help you at every point and take care of your luggage, making your transfer as effortless and stress-free as possible.

Our private limousine service vehicle options include economy and business sedans, business MPVs (up to 6 passengers), and Mercedes S-Class luxury sedans (up to 3-4 passengers). Services are offered 24 hours a day.

RecommendationThe Private Car Service is the most time-efficient and flexible transportation option. No waiting times or queuing. Our private car service offers swift, smooth, worry-free experience with professional chauffeurs, and as such it’s the most convenient transportation option. A luxurious travel experience, this is a favorite for business travelers, families traveling with children, and senior travelers.


3. Hong Kong To Macau By Cross-Boundary Coach

HK-Zhu-Macau Bridge port building Jan 2019 OneBus 03

One Bus

  • Time: 1h 50min – 2h 30min
  • Convenience: Moderate to High
  • Comfort: Moderate
  • Cost: Low (see below)
  • Travel Steps & Timeline:

Hong Kong to Macau By Cross-Boundary Coach

  • Travel To Hong Kong Downtown (10-30 min.) → Buy Cross-Border Coach Ticket (15-20 min.)
    → Board the Coach (min.)
    → Travel to HZMB Hong Kong Port (40 min.)
    → Get off the Coach for immigration clearance (min.)
    → Pass through HK Immigration & clear Customs (15-25 min.)
    → Re-board the same Coach with your ticket (5-10 min.)
    → Travel to Macau hotel (15-20 min.)

Summary. The cross-border coach is a similar, if not more convenient option, than the shuttle bus to travel from Hong Kong to Macau. The cross-border coaches pick passengers up from Hong Kong downtown areas, deliver them to the bridge where they disembark and pass through the Customs by foot with their luggage, and then reboard the coach to continue to various hotels in Macau. Therefore, the coach provides more flexibility than the HZMB shuttle buses because it brings you from the Hong Kong central areas all the way to downtown Macau.

RecommendationUnlike with the shuttle bus, you’ll avoid the hassle of having to find a new mode of transport once at the Hong Kong Port (or Macau Port).  Remember your coach plate number and keep your ticket so you can re-board the same coach after customs clearance. The only disadvantage is that you’ll only have 15 minutes for immigration to catch the same bus, otherwise, you’ll need to wait about 30-60 minutes for the next available bus (and hope you find a seat!).

► Step 1: Get on Cross-boundary Coach in HK Downtown

There are 2 bus companies that serve Hong Kong to Macau route:One Busand Hong Kong – Macao Express. One bus picks passengers up from the APM shopping mall in Hong Kong and brings them to three different hotels in Macau. HK-MO Express is available at Kowloon Station (Elements Shopping Mall) and Prince Edward and stops at 7 hotels in Macau.

Cross-Border Coaches

Bus Company One Bus HK-MO Express
Hong Kong Pickup Points APM Kwun Tong Bus Terminal Elements Mall,
Prince Edward
Departure Time
Hong Kong To Macao:
8.00 am – 6.30 pm 7.30 am – 1.30 am
Macao To Hong Kong:
11.00 am – 9.00 pm 7.30 am – 4.30 am
Arrival Hotels in Macau The Parisian Macao,
The Venetian Macao,
Macau Sands
Galaxy Hotel,
The Venetian,
Star World,
MGM Cotai,
MGM Cotai,
Grand Lisboa,
Ticket Fare
Before 5.59 pm: HKD170  (USD 22)
After 6.00 pm: HKD190  (USD 25)
7.00 am-7.00 pm: HKD160  (USD 20)
After 7.00 pm: HKD170  (USD 22)
Weekends & Public Holidays:
HKD190 (USD 25) +HKD20 surcharge (USD 2.55)

► Step 2: Clear Customs & Immigration

The cross-border bus will stop at both sides of the bridge to allow the passengers to clear Customs and Immigration (15 minutes). At this point, you’ll exit the coach bus with your luggage and, once you’ve passed through Immigration, re-board the same coach with your ticket.

1. Remember the coach license plate number to make sure you board the same coach.

2. The bus driver will only wait for 15 minutes. If you’re late for your initial coach, approach the staff to help you wait and get onto the next coach. You’ll have to wait for 30-60 minutes.

3. If you miss the original coach bus and there are no places available on the following buses, you will not receive a refund for the ticket.

► Step 3: Travel To Macau Hotel

Once you’ve loaded your luggage and boarded the coach, the bus driver will make the designated stops to a few hotels in Macau. If your particular hotel is not on the designated route, it’d be best to try to find the hotel-stop nearest to your destination.


4. Hong Kong To Macau By Ferry 

Cotai Strip Cotaiarena Hong Kong Island to Macau(Taipa) 27-06-2016

Cotai Water Jet Ferry

TurboJET Universal MK 2008 (Hong Kong)

TurboJET Ferry

  • Time: 2h 15 min -2h 30 min
  • Convenience: Moderate
  • Comfort: Low To Moderate (Economy vs. VIP)
  • Cost: Moderate to High (Economy vs. VIP)
  • Travel Steps & Timeline:

Hong Kong to Macau By Speed Ferry

  • Hong Kong Downtown → Travel to one of the Hong Kong Ferry Terminals (10-30 min.)
    → Buy Ferry ticket (5-10 min.)
    → Check-in your luggage & pass Hong Kong Immigration (20 min.)
    Board the ferry and travel to one of the Macau Ferry Terminals (1 h.)
    → Get off the ferry, walk to Immigration Building and pass Macau Immigration (10-20 min.)
    → Travel to Macau hotel (15-20 min.)

Summary. The ferry is a popular method of getting from Macau to Hong Kong. Ferries are a relatively quick and easy way of getting between the two cities. Arranging an airport transfer from Macau airport to Hong Kong bound ferry terminals can be done quickly when using reputable car services. 

The times that ferries arrive and depart from Macau’s two ports (Macau Outer Harbour & Taipa Ferry Terminal) can be found on their official websites. Be sure to check the times and plan around them if you’re planning on visiting some sights before jumping on board the ferry. Ticket prices may vary depending on your chosen port, ferry service, time, and day of the week that you travel. Evening departures and those over the weekends are generally more expensive across all of the ferry operators.

Quickest Route. The quickest route from Hong Kong to downtown Macau is with TurboJET from the Hong Kong – Macau (Sheung Wan) Ferry Terminal to the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. With this route you have the option of sightseeing in the center of Macau. Alternatively, you can take Cotai Water Jet ferry from the Hong Kong Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal to the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal to arrive at the modern hotels and visit a few of the world-famous casinos.

RecommendationHong Kong to Macau ferry services offers a combined 158 sailings each day. They depart from 4 different Hong Kong Ferry Terminals (2 of which are located in Hong Kong’s downtown area) and 2 Macau Ferry Terminals that are at close proximity to popular 5-star hotels. You may still need to take a taxi to get to/from the ferry terminal. Macau is considered one of the most densely populated places on the planet, so if you’re planning on boarding a ferry that’s heading from Hong Kong to Macau at peak times, it’s worth booking in advance. Having your ticket arranged beforehand can save you time and prevent the hassle of being stuck in the peak hour queues. For late night arrivals after 9-10 pm, we recommend you consider taking a private car service.

The Easiest Routes By Ferry
Ferry Provider TurboJET Cotai Water Jet
Service Hours: 7:00 am – 11:59 pm 7:00 am – 10:30 pm
Duration: 55 min. 55 min.
Frequency: every 15 min. every 30 min.
Departure HK Ferry Terminal Hong Kong Macau (Sheung Wan) Hong Kong Macau (Sheung Wan)
Arrival Macau Ferry Terminal Macau Outer Harbour Macau Taipa Ferry
Ferry Ticket Price
  Weekday / Weekend / Night Weekday / Weekend / Night
Economy Class  HKD 171 /186 / 211
(USD 22 / 24 / 27)
HKD 171 / 186 / 211
(USD 22 / 24 / 27)
Super / First Class HKD 346/ 371 / 391
(USD 44 / 47 / 50)
HKD 293 / 310 / 338
(USD 37.3 / 40 / 43)
 VIP Class HKD 2,304 / 2,304 / 3,054
(USD 294 / 294 / 390)
HKD 2,344 / 2,480 / 2,704
(USD  300/ 316 / 345)


1. Evening rate is applicable between 5:00/6:00 pm and 6:30 am.
2. The TurboJET VIP cabin has 4 seats, and Cotai Water Jet Cabin includes 8 seats.
Seniors (age 65+) and children (ages 12 and under) qualify for a discount of HKD 18-20 (USD 2.5) for Economy Class seats.

Hong Kong To Macau By Ferry In Detail:

Macau Cotai Water Jet ferry 1st class desk interior 金光飛航 night April 2016 DSC (4)

Cotai Water Jet Ferry First Class Seats

Immigration Points

Each ferry terminal requires passengers to clear customs and pass through the immigration at the immigration counters before boarding.


You can check-in your luggage 20-45 minutes prior to departure.

► Where do you embark?

Four Ferry Terminals in Hong Kong:

  1. Hong Kong Macau (Sheung Wan) Ferry Terminal
    This is the largest and most frequented ferry terminal by tourists. Conveniently located in Shun Tak Center of Hong Kong island at Sheung Wan MTR Station (Exit D), it offers the quickest routes to Macau. Both TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet sail from here.
  2. China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon)
    Located in downtown Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong China City shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon), China Ferry Terminal is the second best option for ferry voyages. TurboJET ferries sail 14 times a day every hour, while Cotai Jet offers 6 sails for a half day (before 1.15 pm) to Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal.
  3. Tuen Mun Ferry Terminal (New Territories)
    Located further from the Hong Kong city center, this ferry terminal is less convenient for most travelers. Only TurboJET ferries depart from here with 7-9 sails per day.
  4. SkyPier Terminal at Hong Kong Airport
    The terminal is located inside the Hong Kong International Airport and is intended for the use of transit passengers only. There are 4-5 sails available between SkyPier and Macau. If you are coming back from Macau, you must have a valid flight ticket to be eligible to buy a ticket for the SkyPier ferry.

► Where do you disembark?

Two Ferry Terminals in Macau:

  1. Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
    Located at the heart of Macau, this is the best destination point for tourists intending to sightsee and explore Macau’s top attractions, historic sights, shops, and casinos.
    Hotels nearby: Legend Palace Hotel, Lisboa Hotel, Wynn Palace, City of Dreams Macau – Nuwa, Sands Macao, MGM Macau, Casa Real Hotel, Hotel Royal Macau, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Lapa, New Orient Landmark Hotel.
  2. Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal
    Located in close proximity to luxury hotels and casinos, this terminal is convenient for those looking to see the gambling and even test their luck at the tables.
    Hotels nearby: The Parisian Macao, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Grand Hyatt Macau, Galaxy Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel Macau, Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip, St. Regis Macao Cotai Central, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Banyan Tree Macau.

► Where to buy ferry tickets?

Ferry tickets can be purchased at the ticket counters of any ferry terminal or online on TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet official websites.

► See Sailing Schedules here: for TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet.

► Travel Tip:

Keep your eyes out for ‘ticket touts’ selling fake and illegal tickets at the ferry terminals. The HK-Macau ferry terminal is known to have a number of them, unfortunately, so be wary of anyone lurking outside elevators enthusiastically beckoning you to an ‘agent’s office’ before selling you a fake ticket. Some even pose as ‘inspectors’ and with a well practised sleight of hand, swap your legitimate ticket for a fake one. Don’t hand or show your ticket to anyone that isn’t wearing an official uniform.


5. Hong Kong To Macau By Helicopter

Getting from Hong Kong to Macau by Helicopter

  • Time: 1h 5 min –  1h 45 min
  • Convenience: Moderate to High (Public Transportation vs. Taxi)
  • Comfort: High
  • Cost: Highest
  • Travel Steps & Timeline:

Hong Kong to Macau By Helicopter

  • Hong Kong Initial Point→ Travel to Hong Kong Heliport (10-30 min.)
    → Check-in your luggage & pass Hong Kong Immigration (25-40 min.)
    Board the helicopter and fly to Macau Heliports (15-20 min.)
    → Pass Macau Immigration (10 min.)
    → Travel to Macau hotel or another destination (15-25 min.)

Summary. Hands down, the most beautiful and scenic way to make the journey from Hong Kong to Macau is by helicopter. This 15-minute journey is an excellent choice due to its frequency of flights and short travel time. This is definitely the most luxurious option, as tickets range between HKD3,000 (USD 383) and HKD4,500 (USD 574). Flights generally depart every 30 minutes or so from Macau’s two main heliports, on Taipa Island and the Macau Peninsula between 9 AM and 11 PM daily, with a number of reputable helicopter services to choose from. Passengers also have access to the Passenger Lounge where they can relax and enjoy complimentary food and beverages.

RecommendationThe helicopter option is the fastest way to get from Hong Kong to Macau, offering the most luxurious travel experience available. It’s also the most scenic way. If the budget is of no concern, the helicopter ride is a fantastic choice. With Hong Kong’s contrast of an incredible skyline and natural beauty, your journey is sure to be filled with excited gasps as you enjoy a unique view of one of Asia’s most beautiful regions. This option is also ideal for travelers in a hurry.

► Hong Kong Heliport:

  • Tel: +852-21089898
  • Address: Sky Shuttle Heliport, 6th Floor, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. You can also buy a helicopter ticket from here.
  • Get there by Taxi: This heliport is located close to Hong Kong city center, about 8-15 minutes drive by taxi from Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Get there by MTR: In Hong Kong, you can take the metro from any station to Sheung Wan station, and then leave at Exit D or take the Bus No. 111, 182, 619, 641 and 680X.

Operating Hours: 08:00 am – 10:59 pm

Frequency: Daily, every 30 minutes.

Note:  passengers should arrive at the passenger lounge at least 15 minutes before flight time.

Air Ticket FareHKD 3,000 (USD 383) – 4,500 (USD 574). Tickets can be booked as early as 28 days in advance.

Check Updated Timetable and Fares here.

Luggage: Each passenger can take up to 15-lbs (6.8 kgs) of baggage. If the weight of the baggage exceeds 15 lbs (6.8 kgs) but is lighter than 60 lbs. (27 kgs), the passenger is required to pay an additional baggage fee (equal to the charge of the Airfare). If the baggage is heavier than 60 lbs. (27 kgs), the passenger will pay a baggage fee for each additional 45 lbs (20kgs).

► Macau Heliport: 

  • Tel: +853-28727288
  • Address: 2/F Macau Maritime Terminal, Avenida da Amizade.
  • DirectionsThe Macau Heliport is located just a few minutes away from Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or the New Yaohan Department Store and about 15 minutes drive from the modern casinos’ area. In Macau, New Yaohan can be reached by the Bus No.1A, 3, 3A, 10, 10A, 10B, 11, 12, 17, 23, 28A, 28B, 28C, 32 and AP1.


Hong Kong To Macau Summary

With the numerous options available there’s really no “best way” for any one traveler. However, depending on your travel needs, there are some clear winners:

  • If your number #1 concern is price and you aren’t concerned about time or the inconvenience of changing vehicles and crossing borders you may choose the Hong Kong – Macau Shuttle Bus.
  • If your number #1 concern is a relative convenience and moderate price, you may choose to travel by Cross-Border Coach or Ferry.
  • If you’d like to enjoy the highest luxury, convenience, and comfort standards possible, consider taking a helicopter from Hong Kong to Macau.
  • For everything else, if you’re looking for an expeditious, safe, comfortable, and stylish experience, consider hiring a private cross-border transfer by car that is tailored special to your route. 


China Car Service provides private limousine transfers. If you are interested in private car service for your Hong Kong to Macau journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We’re also excited to offer you a $10 discount on your first service with our company, redeemable with this promo code 10CARBLOG. Just click the image below and get your discounted quote!

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